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About Barton Hills Associates

Company Information
We provide quality business systems to run on the Windows family of operating systems using Personal Computers,  specialising in networked general business software and logistics.

Specialist Areas Include:-

Sales and Engineer Service Automation, Telephone Billing, Transportation Systems, Barcoding ( Batch, Online, Wireless), Web Enabled and Thin Client software

We can offer support and advice on many of the Accounting and Payroll packages currently on the market in the UK.  We can usually provide additional reports and add-ons to these packages, to suit customer requirements.

Mission Statement
To provide effective business solutions to Small Businesses, quickly, and at an affordable price..

Company Background
Started in 1990, by the senior partner, Robert Barton, with the purpose of encouraging small businesses to get VALUE & SERVICE from their PC(s).

The Company uses Rapid Application Development Software from Soft Velocity named Clarion for Windows. Clarion is a powerful object orientated RAD software development environment specially suited to commercial database applications. To find out more on Clarion 'click' on link at left of this paragraph.

The use of Clarion enables us to produce cost effective business solutions to an high standard

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